Terms And Conditions

This agreement and all other policies that are posted in our website serve the right to resolve any disputes that may happen between the customer and us.Once you access our services, it means that you are agreeing to the following:

1. Website
The following terms and conditions on this website “Little Sweet Home” may change from time to time and that right is reserved upon us. It is your duty to check every now and then and to comply with them. Purchasing items mean that you agree with the changes that may happen with the terms and conditions.

We can be reached through contact@littlesweethome.com. You must be of legal age to purchase anything from this website and have a credit card. Any sort of misinformation may be subjected to breach of the agreement.

You are not allowed to use this website, send to us or to any other users of this website any mail that can be categorized as:

  • Pornographic, obscene, offensive, threatening, defamatory, untrue, harassing, political, sexist and racist
  • Something that breaches the law
  • Anything that do not fall within our interests
  • Inaccurate and way out-of-date
  • The comments placed by any user of the website about the products do not reflect any advice we have on it.

2. General
All transactions done in this website are complied with these terms and conditions
There is nothing on these terms and conditions that will consider any partnership between us and any customer or any employee to a customer

All changes to our terms and conditions will be posted on our website
If a clause in this terms and conditions is said to be invalid by the court, it does not, in any way mean that all the other clauses are invalid as well.

3. Registration Proper
In order to enjoy having transactions with us, you need to create an account so that you may access the “My account” part of the website and make a purchase.
You need to supply your name, contact number, email address and valid email address and other information to register. This information are subjected to our privacy policy.

You shall create a password that is unique to you and you should inform us if any third party becomes able to access your account without any consent so that we may be able to reset your account.

Information about your order and placement of an order will all be available for checking in your account.

4. Placement of order and Payment
In order to place an order, you must have an account registered to our website
By placing an order, you agree to the conditions that come along with it and you are sure that you are supplying us with correct information about you. If you are asked for payment, the credit card you will be using must be accessible to you and has enough funds to pay for the item you bought, otherwise, your purchase will be forfeited

We will not deliver any product without proper placement of order If a mistake will be discovered after delivery you may contact us but we do not guarantee to revise the product according to your wants but rather within our limits and capabilities.

5. Limitation of Liability
The total liability of this page shall in no term, exceed more than 110% percent of your total purchase during 12 months before any issue arise.

We do not have a liability if you are unable to use the website or with your use of the website that is outside of the terms and conditions provided by us The purchases you made by your own decisions are not in any way, our liability.

6. Third Party Websites
We are not responsible for any website links that our website contains unless the link is provided by us.

You are not allowed to use any information from our website and claim it as your own.
We are not responsible for any website that claims to any service that are related to us, only transactions on our website are valid.

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